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About Heart Helath

Heart health

What is heart: The heart is a very important organ in the human body. It acts as a pump. It is located in the chest of the human body.

Activities of heart:  It controls the blood circulation process in the body. It purifies the blood. It helps transport oxygen to every cell in the human body.
What is heart attack: When there is not enough blood supply to the heart, that is, the accumulation of  fat in the blood vessels obstructs the blood flow, then the complication is called heart attack.

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The causes of heart attack are described below:
1. Excess body weight.
2. Due to smoking.
3. Lack of physical exertion.
4. Mental distress.
5. Uncontrolled high blood pressure.
6. Uncontrolled diabetes.
7. The habit of eating extra salt with food.
8. Sudden excitement.
9. Eating extra fat foods.
10. As a result of accumulation of fat in the blood vessels.
The following are the symptoms of a heart attack:
1. Feeling of chest pain / pressure.
2. Dizziness.
3. Symptoms of vomiting.
4. Difficulty breathing
5. Sudden change in blood pressure.
6. Excessive sweating.
7. Excessive snoring in sleep.
8. Feeling tired with little effort.
9. Pain spreading from the chest to the jaw, neck and hands.
10. Swelling of the feet.
*Please consult a doctor immediately if the above mentioned reasons occur.
What to do to prevent heart attack:
1. Lose excess body weight.
2. Do not smoke.
3. Do not eat excess salt.
4. Do physical work.
5. Not to worry emotionally.
6. To control high blood pressure.
7. Controlling diabetes.
8. Do not eat fatty foods.
9. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

10. Regular health check-up.

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